There should be no THIRD chances for DRUG CHEATS

American heavyweight Jarrell Miller, who had previously been lined up as an Anthony Joshua opponent, has hit the headlines again after allegedly failing a second test for Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs).It’s not the first time for Jarrell, and I do know some people involved with him.  I think you have to say ‘this is it’ for a perpetual cheat.  I think you should give people a chance that have had one misdemeanour, class it as a mistake, but if it’s more than that then it should be ‘time’s up’.  He needs to find a different sport.  Boxing is a sport where the rewards can be high, but not a sport that anyone should cheat in. In boxing, someone could get fatally damaged, and the potential of using PEDs could be disastrous.  He’s had one chance; he should be out.  He needs to go and find another sport and try not to cheat at that.

Of course, we’ve had British fighters – like Tyson, Dillian Whyte, Billy Joe Saunders, and Kid Galahad – who have also previously been sanctioned for infringements.They’ve made mistakes, depending on the different circumstances, but – like I say – I’d give everybody one chance.  They’ve all been punished, but serial cheats need to get out of the sport.  Those fighters mentioned have had their chance, some people might say they’ve been let off lightly, but hopefully nothing like it will happen again.

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I’ve been in the sport a long time, and I’ve never known about the situation, apart from a fighter I was managing, Liam Cameron, who got disciplined for cocaine, but I don’t think that’s a performance enhancing drug.  It’s not a steroid, it’s classed as recreational, but it can affect performance, wellbeing or mentality in some way or another.  Ultimately though it’s a banned substance, and I was very disappointed with him.  He still talks about his innocence, and I do think his punishment was harsh, but if he’d have come to me when I asked him to, then I would have supported him as his manager.  He was reluctant for whatever reason though, and said I wasn’t supportive.  But I know I was there for him, and his career was just starting to take off.  I got him rated with the IBF by travelling abroad to lobby for him.  I got him a Commonwealth Title fight out of nowhere, and then he commits a stupid act which has more or less ended his career.  And it’s also cost a lot of investment into a kid who I thought had the pedigree to achieve much bigger things. 


Being a fighter is the full package though, and you need the right mentality.  I really don’t think that drugs in boxing are a big problem, I go around the gyms and I’ve never known any talk about someone getting an edge by taking something.  I dare say there is the odd gym doing it, but I don’t think it’s widespread and I’ve been around the game most of my life.  These days people are getting found out more than they used to, so we’re probably hearing about it more.

If you’re going to win in boxing, it needs to be done by fair means, and may the best man win.

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