Manny Pacquiao Returns To Primetime In Explosive Fourth Encounter with Marquez

UK PPV TV channle Primetime have today announced that they will be the UK’s exclusive broadcaster of Pacquiao v Marquez 4 on December 8th for what should be an epic encounter. As of yet there hasn’t been a decisive victor between the two.

Pacquiao and Marquez have faced each other at featherweight, super featherweight and welterweight giving us a draw and two split decision victories for Pacquiao. All three results have been disputed and debated endlessly by fans and fighters alike.

When the pair first met, way back in 2004, Pacquiao dropped Marquez to the canvas three times in the opening round. The lightning fast hand speed of Pacquiao appeared to be too much for the counter puncher, Marquez, to deal with. However, Marquez was able to survive the first round onslaught and pick his Phillipino counterpart off with well-timed counter punches for the remainder of the bout.

A split decision from the judges scored the bout 115-110 Marquez, 115-110 Pacquiao and 113-113, a controversial decision compounded by the fact the judge scoring the draw later admitted to making an error on his card which would have ruled the fight in favour of Pacquiao.

This controversy led to a rematch in 2008. Again the result was mired in controversy as Pacquiao picked up the split decision victory. A tightly fought contest saw Marquez landing with the higher accuracy, but a third round knockdown scored against Marquez tipped the balance in Pacquiao’s favour. Marquez was incensed with the result and called for an immediate rematch. This was denied by Pacquiao’s camp who instead elected to move up to the lightweight division.

In 2011 the pair again crossed paths for Pacquiao’s welterweight title. Once again the fight did not deliver a conclusive victor and the result was booed by the fans in attendance as Pacquiao was again awarded the split decision win.

Marquez was able to pick off his opponent with a master class in counter punching as Pacquiao struggled to get to grips with his Mexican foe. However when the ringside stats were revealed it favoured Pacquiao who had landed more strikes, 176-138, and more power punches, 117-100.

Rarely in boxing have we seen two competitors so evenly matched and a long standing rivalry without any conclusive results. The stage is now set for these two warriors to again go to war as they attempt to finally show who holds the upper hand.


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