Movember footy special

Welcome to this week’s instalment of my mid-week column, the place to be for sporting view’s and banter.

Well normally I express my views on the footy but as it’s the international break.

Clearly big Roy has been reading my column.  Over the last international break I wrote about youngsters and how it’s important to bring them in to make sure we have a decent future. We have some great young players coming through the ranks who need experience before they are thrown into the pot.

The under 21’s do gain some experience but the pressures of the game are a little less than the pressure the first senior team endure.  Last time I said we need to start looking at players like Gerrard and Lampard, Rio and Carrick.  These players are ghosting 1 year extensions with their respective clubs, mainly for experience and advice for the younger players but will they be fit for Brazil ? Yes they will be fit but they won’t stand a chance against the Belgian team, or Neymar…. I’m hoping Ronaldo and Messi will have gained a few pounds by then.

Anyway even though we lost to Chile, I think it was important to try out the likes of Lallana and Rodriguez as they are both young, in excellent form and have earned their chance in the top league.  Southampton is in impressive form.  OK, Lambert had a shot at the big time and had a goal or two but I think he’s knocking on a bit now for a footballer that is.  He’s quite a porker and messes a few chances, so I doubt we will see him.  I wasn’t really impressed with those two lads but he’s doing the right thing getting the youth through. That’s why he was picked over Harry, He’s very involved in the development and youth.

Brazil will show a very different team to what we think.

Townsend, Morrison, and Chamberlain  – these sort of players I think are going to be key. Ashley young needs to be sold for spares!…. the diving pussy and I don’t want him anywhere near the set up.

Do I fancy our chances? If I have my sensible hat on  then it’s a resounding “No”.  When you look at Brazil, Belgium and of course Spain then I can’t see us getting much out there.  Possibly the usual Quarters or Semis, depending on fitness.  I think we are third world class players away from  contention BUT  look at Townsend.  Where has he come from all of a sudden? I think we have a few players who could really hit for and surprise us….but we need to carry on sacrificing results to test young players.   Hodgy is OK, I like him.  

Anyway, I’m writing this on a Monday and so therefore I’m going to stick my neck out and say Germany are going to be taught a lesson on Tuesday

 I’m thinking 3-1 England and I fancy a Rooney double.

The Premiership returns this weekend so normal order is resumed.

I’m a little worried about Cardiff, Manchester United and Arsenal next up but not as worried as I am for the Hammers but still worried.  Malkay has done a cracking job down there.  The owner is an absolute tit though, changing team colours and promoting a kid who was painting walls in the stadium a few months ago to Chief Scout? Get out Malkay  and follow ya mate to Palace although I rate him better than that.

Predictions/ bets





It kills me to say but West Ham don’t have a striker who is fit, apart from one we sacked a year ago.  It’s not Sam’s fault.  I’m sure Andy Carroll is in rehab not a “medical centre”.  If we can last until January we may have a shot at Defoe.

Rugby’s on.  Does anyone know who’s winning?  Does anyone care?  I don’t!!

Just awful isn’t it …..awful. 

But….. “Let’s get ready to Jungle”!!!   It’s that time of year again and my favourite reality show is back.  Joey lets us Essex boys down big time but the other Essex boy, Steve “interesting” Davis, actually does seem quite interesting despite his nickname.  We’ll seem but that miss universe sort would have it.

See you next week


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