Sweeney & George heading for the BIG ONE


World champions Jimmy Sweeney and Sean George are heading for the biggest fight in bareknuckle boxing.

Sweeney is regarded as the sport’s pound-for-pound No 1 having won world titles at super-middleweight and middleweight – and the Irishman is now targeting George’s lightweight belt.

At the fourth attempt, George became champion with a jaw-dropping, one-punch KO of Liam Cullen that has made him one of bareknuckle boxing’s biggest stars.

‘’That punch has been around the world,’’ said the 35 year old Welshman. ‘’People have been messaging me from everywhere saying; ‘What a punch’ and top UFC fighters from America have been saying; ‘That was amazing, bareknuckle boxing is a great sport.’’’

George says the secret of the punch was timing.

He had fought out a draw with Cullen in January and said; ‘’I was expecting another long fight, but I had trained for 12 weeks with Vince Cleverly and when I got in there I felt so good.

‘’I was landing the jab, doubled jabbed to close the distance and then put everything behind that right hand. It’s probably the best punch I’ve ever thrown.’’

George now wants the chance to chin Sweeney.

‘’He wants the fight, l want the fight – and every fan wants to see it,’’ said George, previously a champion at kickboxing and K1.

‘’It’s the biggest fight out there. It’s the best against the best.

‘’Everyone says Sweeney is No 1- but that punch has made me as big a star as he is.

‘’People say I’ve got no chance and that gives me motivation. That puts logs on the fire.’’

Sweeney is up for the challenge, saying: ‘’I want to be a three-weight world champion and I want that belt this year.

“I’m going to get onto (manager) Jim (Freeman) and see if we can make the fight for September or if not then, November.

“This is one of the biggest fights in BKB and it’s a fight the fans want to see, so let’s get it on.”

Tickets for the show in Wales next month are available from www.bkbworld.co.uk


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