#TeamDailySport Celebrates Armed Forces Day


Mike Buss, a former British soldier who served nearly 10yrs with the army straight out of school until he was medically discharged due to hearing loss from an explosion that burst both his ear drums, left him partially deaf and with tinitus.

Since leaving the army, Mike has gone on to be a world record breaking ultra endurance athlete before retiring in 2011. Like many veterans Mike has had to deal with tough times leaving the army and in more recent years, had to deal with PTSD.  Military charities such as WWTW have supported Mike to get back into working and deal with his PTSD.  

It was through photography that WWTW found a way of supporting Mike and give him his life back.

Two years on, Mike has become an established photojournalist and commercial photographer.  In 2015/16 Mike set off to the refugee camp across Europe and even spent time in Syria and followed the refugee journey from Syria, crossing every international border with the refugees, all the way to Calais, a journey that took nearly 10months to complete.

Mike is also the Features and Lifestyle Editor for a military news magazine.

Mike said “If it wasn’t for the guys at Walking With The Wounded, I wouldn’t be here today, they have helped me get through my PTSD and get me back on my feet using my passion for photography to forge a new career, if anyone would like to donate to a military charity to help support our veterans across the UK then, please gotowww.wwtw.org.uk and make a donation. Your donation could literally save the life of a veteran, it saved mine.”



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