UCMMA 39 this weekend 18 massive fights

main title 5- ucmma 39The 3rd of May will see The Troxy Arena throw open its doors, once again to host  UCMMA 39 with the DAILY SPORT


The main event is of course…… Alex Reid Vs Luke Sine’s ……!!    We all know Reid is tough as old boots, given that he’s been in with the best at Cage Rage and has also stood toe to toe in at least another 50 fights as well !!   However Luke Sine’s is confident that this fight will be the one that puts Reid into retirement…..He has also been in with the best of the best and wants to prove once and for all that HE is The No1  the K1 The belt is on the line for this fight ….. so all I can say is ….may the best warrior win!!


 The card is absolutely bursting at the seams with a really exciting mix of personalities and unique characters!  Some you will recognize from recent events, some you will remember from previous shows and as these fighters that come from all walks of life, get ready to step up( even taking into account all the diversity)……something unites them all and is blatantly obvious to me…. ….They are definitely  the most exciting  fighters and they are definitely on the BEST show !!!!!!


 Luiz Tosta is fighting Carl Oriss for the bantam weight title…. Luiz is hoping to end the fight as quick as he can with a sub but Oriss has other plans, he said  ”I want to take him to 2nd or 3rd round where i can work my all round game on him.”

 The terror squad will have that belt on the shelf straight after the fight he reckons !!  Defending the light weight belt is Charlie Leary and he has come up against world class wrestler Maksym Mateus who at the moment is on fire !!


Don’t you dare miss out on UCMMA 39 which is going to be a fantastic show  

There are very few tickets left so don’t miss out


This is a show not to miss www.ucmma.com for more details


Tickets  http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ucmma-39-may-3rd-tickets-9608716931

full fight card  http://www.ucmma.tv/index.php/fight-cards/ucmma-39-official-fight-card

UCMMA  39 promo  https://www.youtube.com/user/UltimateChallengeMMA/featured

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