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Welcome to another controversial instalment of my weekly column.

I thought this “Perfect Storm” may have affected our fine sporting fixtures this weekend but again it was a load of over-publicised crap and naff all happened.  Well in my neck of the woods, we didn’t have so much of a sneeze for a breeze.

I’ll start as I normally do…

The league is starting to take shape now.   The top 4 or 5 with the exception of Southampton are pretty unsurprising and the same can be said about the bottom of the table.

So….who do we all think will go down? It’s a hard one to call and the past proves that.  Who ever thought Newcastle, West Ham or Bolton even would ever go down to the Championship? West Ham were once branded “ too good to go down” as were Newcastle, not so much Bolton as they were rubbish! But still the toughest league in the world can be a ruthless bitch when it comes to the drop.  This year I think we’re going to have a surprise.

My bottom three based on current squads, mentality and form are going to be Norwich, CrystalPalace and Stoke. I’m well aware Sunderland are rooted to the bottom but with Guss there now I think he will turn things around easily.  This weekend clearly showed they have a decent team and things will turn around even if Newcastle were dog’s muck.

Stoke will go down.  I don’t rate them at all.  The best thing about that team is Peter Crouch’s Mrs. That is all! I think this is the year for them to drop and as for the other two?…. well, they haven’t spent enough or bought in enough quality to survive this year.  Norwich should have known better.   That striker they have (Richard stray dog penis) is a bit short of the mark really.

On the other hand, the top was as expected.  It was a really good result for Chelsea and I actually really enjoyed watching the game.  Torres, for me was quality but I know that Torres people tend to think he’s not the same player as he used to be.  He’s not – just a different sort of player with a new role.  Young players tend to fill out a little, lose a little pace and he is one of these.  He was good at Liverpool but the quality of players in the premiership has improved massively.  He’s up against world class players week in week out.  He is a stronger player and a move or a playmaker now and now he’s happy with that role and he’s only going to get better. We’ve seen it with Ronaldo, Bale and Rooney at different times of their careers.  Players can’t weigh 8 stone wet their whole lives and skip around players for fun as something has/had to give.   The Premiership demands a new sort of player now.  They have to be physically much stronger.

It was a massive result for Chelsea, Aguero is quality and I think either him or Suarez will be at Madrid next season.

Spurs and Arsenal both won at the weekend, keeping it very interesting.   I can’t even imagine who the top four will be now.  All I know is the quality of Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Man city and Chelsea is there to seriously compete next year.  As for United? ..  they are just awful this year.  I think Stoke was just unlucky and I think Man United may push into a  top 3 spot but the quality of that squad is nothing compared to the likes of Chelsea.

Liverpool look solid.   I actually fancied a point for West Brom but after seeing it you could see that Liverpool are a different class this season.  Suarez is in unreal form, he doesn’t have bad days.   OK he’s a bit of a cheat and bite’s his way out of trouble but he’s the best striker in the league.

A good result point for The Iron’s too at Swansea.

My betting has been quite successful if you do follow me on my Facebook pages.

I think we’re close to the £1,000 profit margin over the last 2 weeks, which is decent money. There are a few jokers on Facebook who think they can call bets but anyone can call 10 dead certs for 2/1 odds but I prefer a proper win.  Find my page online for daily tips and Accumulator’s.

Predictions for this week:

League Cup. Chelsea, Birmingham, Burnley and united. £50 on those will return around £500-£600 Plus.


Sunderland, Man city, West Brom and Cardiff. Cardiff and Swansea is going to be a huge game this weekend I’ll be there.

What’s everyone doing for Halloween? I’m thinking Cardiff, although I did enjoy Swansea on Saturday the birds in Swansea do beat the girls in Cardiff hands down.  They make much more of an effort and being from Essex it’s a more upper class scene which is the sort of night I prefer… riff raff.

Until next week……..

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