JuBillee – You & I CD Review


The debut single from JuBillee, Don’t Make Me Look Into Your Eyes , leapfrogged the likes of Dolly Parton and The Shires and held the Number One spot in the iTunes Country Chart for five days in mid-September! The single also cracked the Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart and hit No.3 in the Scottish Chart. Don’t Make Me Look Into Your Eyes was produced by Billy Farrell, best known for his work on multi-million selling albums with The Corrs. Now, the real life couple Scottish duo are set to follow that success with the release of their debut album, appropriately titled You And I on 6 November 2020. The album sees them joining renowned Country star Ashley Campbell on the newly inaugurated UK label Vacancy Records [part of Sleepy Night Records which has handled releases from Miles Davis, Chet Baker and more].The second single Bed Of Lies will be released 16 October.

Comprised of vocalist Justine Wilson and singer, guitarist and pianist Billy Warren, JuBillee offer a fresh brand of music that never loses sight of the history and integrity that underpins the genre. Justine says, We have a really quirky sound, it’s a very commercial take on Country Pop and it seems that people are really getting into it . Effortlessly blending voices, but also swapping lead, this duo has an instinctive mutual understanding that brings out the best in both. We work well together as a team, laughs Billy, But we do have our moments!

The 2020 lockdown has been a difficult time for many, but has also seem a flowering of creativity in many quarters.Certainly, this was true for JuBillee, who migrated online when the venues closed and have graduated from being competent and engaging performers at a grassroots level to a fully-fledged act with a slew of original material, a completed album and a record label behind them. Billy says, We had eighty percent of the songs for the album done when we went into the album, but many of our ideas changed, evolved and just got even better as we put extra touches to them in the studio.

With a Number One single already establishing their Country credentials, JuBillee are ready to take the next step. The feedback from the growing army of fans has been incredible, adds Justine, The numbers are growing but it’s amazing how many people take the time to comment and encourage us. Views on social media are great but the human interactions are what make it for us.That interaction is only going to grow as the JuBillee story develops. This duo make for a pretty special team; You And I is the sound of a UK act worth celebrating.


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