Para Lia “Gone With The Flow”

Para Lia “Gone With The Flow”

The band are due to release their second album ‘Gone With The Flow’ together with an online mixed art exhibition both due for release during October 2020. The album contains 11 new tracks all written and performed by the band.

Their debut album ‘Soap Bubble Dreams’ (2019) quickly enjoyed worldwide press interest.  

With comparisons ranging from  The Cure, Phillip Boa and the Voodoo Club, Arcade Fire,The Mission.Para Lia are René Methner (Songwriter, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Drum Programming) and Cindy Methner (Vocals).”Gone With The Flow” covers various musical moods and previous generations, their sound always retains the alternative indie rock influence and mixes that with exciting retro. Para Lia achieves soaring and ethereal vocal arrangements on René’s vocals, enhanced by Cindy’s voice.

Para Lia have, with their second album, a unique and on some tracks idiosyncratic mix. Stand out are “My Muse” and “Riders On The Dike”.

There really is a song for most musical tastes, but it took two or three plays to appreciate the album.


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