Midweek catch up with Katie Cursed

Today we have a CHEEKY catch up with model and Sport Babe Katie Cursed and here is what she had to tell us all here at Sport HQ.

Q1. What name would you like us to refer to you as? My name is Katie Cursed

Q2. Where are you from? I’m from the Northeast

Q3. Age? I’m 34

Q4. So what have you been up to since we last spoke to you? I’ve been working continuesly, and fitting photoshoots around my main job.

I’ve enjoyed the lockdown easing it’s been amazing to go out for a few drinks with friends, especially with the weather been so nice it’s just a excuse to sit in the beer gardens and neck tequila shots and cocktails.

Q5. What projects do you have coming up? So I’ve been planning afew ideas, I’ve got a Poison Ivy bath shoot in mind, Tank Girl, Witchy Vibes, Fragile Tape, Lounge Wear, Beach and Gothic and Classic Boudoir Lingerie Shoots.

Q6. What have you been doing to get through the lockdown boredom? Emptying the fridge of Budweiser and Brothers Cider, Planning Photoshoots and Tattoos…. Just really planning ahead for when everything was eased.

Q7. What plans do you have for when lockdown is over? Getting some tattoo work completed by my tattoo artist Shaun Mullen, hopefully move onto getting my full back tattooed so it all joins up to my bum tattoos.

Hopefully plan a holiday depending on how things go….. go to tattoo conventions, shopping trips, concerts, clubbing everything we’ve been grounded from I want to do.

And of course plan more photoshoots with the amazing Photographers I’ve worked with.

Q8. Have you changed anything for the better during the pandemic? I’ve learned to appreciate people in my life more and try to make more time to spend with the people important to me most.

Q9. Anything else interesting to tell Sport Readers? Just to keep their eye’s peeled for my latest tattoo work and lingerie shoots. Trying to lose the 2st I’ve gained in lockdown so if anyone wants to follow my journey they can on my social media.

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Q10. What are your social media accounts?



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