Confessions of a Ringgirl – Gemma Green

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Daily Sport: I know we featured you recently but for those who missed you. can you introduce yourself again

Gemma Green: My Pleasure, I am Gemma Green and I hail from the Midlands and am x years old

Daily Sport: We wanted to ask you back as of course we like hot girls, and sport here in The Daily Sport and of course you are involved in both of them !

Gemma Green: Yes, I have been a ring girl for years and am lucky enough to have seen loads of combat sports events up and down the country. Not just in the midlands where I’m based but all over the UK and beyond.

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Daily Sport: Of course we want to hear all the juicy details.  We all hear stories of fighters and ring girls hooking up, a myth or is there really all this hot action on fight nights.

Gemma Green: I wish! but banter aside, we DO get up close and personal with all these highly toned athletes but it’s a busy job we do. Most of the time we don’t even get to talk to the fighters as of course they are professionals too and are far too focussed on the work at hand to think about us ring girls.

Daily Sport: you said “Most of the time”. That means that you have had your moments. Come on,  spill, who has caught your eye in the ring.

Gemma Green: well of course I couldn’t possibly name names but you know, of course the odd time us girls get chatted up after events, especially when we are staying over on events we travel to. We are usually based in the fighter’s hotel so some contact is inevitable so we would have had the odd late night post event drinks

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Daily Sport: Come on, you can’t just leave it like that, our readers want to know if it ever goes beyond a late night drink and a peck on the cheek!

Gemma Green: of course I couldn’t possibly confirm any stories but as you can see from my pictures, we are usually put up far away from home in nice hotel rooms and it can get lonely, especially after an adrenaline filled night with thousands of fans wolf whistling at us between every round, sometimes it’s hard to sleep and maybe we stay up longer than we should, and that’s all I’ll say!

Daily Sport: ah you are teasing us girl! Tell us how do fighters compare with other blokes, in and out of bed!

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Gemma Green: You cheeky monkey! I never said I bedded a fighter but I do hear things from other girls I know who go to a lot of fighter events and have met a few of them. What I’m hearing is that when a fit lad who’s trained for months to go 10 rounds in the ring, he isn’t going to quit after three minutes in the bed room either! As one pal put it to me after a long night with a fighter who won easily with a first round knockout and had loads of energy left to burn, “Christ it was like going 10 rounds with Mike Tyson – I could barely walk back to the taxi!”

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Daily Sport: You are still ducking and diving Gemma. are you really saying in all your time at events, no fighter ever got a look in?

Gemma Green: Well, I did say I would confess a little so yes, there was this one guy, a very well known fighter as it happens. He was very charming… Ok and hot, ripped to hell and yes, lots of energy.

Daily Sport: Oh tell us more. Sounds like you were an item?

Gemma Green: Well I wouldn’t go THAT far but did meet him a few times. All seemed to be going well until I went to this event where we hadn’t arranged to meet

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Daily Sport: And you met him there?

Gemma Green: I didn’t see him but ended up sitting right in front of him. it was pal that told me he was in the row behind!

Daily Sport: Oh that must have been a nice surprise

Gemma Green: it might have been, if he wasn’t with his girlfriend!

Daily Sport: Oh dear!

Gemma Green: It all came to a sticky end, and not in a good way. He turned quite nasty actually, accused me of “ratting him out” to his girlfriend. I actually hadn’t! All in all, good riddance.

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Daily Sport: And what’s his name?

Gemma Green: ha ha I told you I don’t kiss and tell.

Daily Sport: So we see you are much in demand for photo shoots and have quite the instagram following.

Gemma Green: Yes, after nearly every event I work at, photographer’s dm me looking to book me for shoots.  I am lucky that way as of course ring girl work is only a day or two at weekends and I can earn lots more during the week. I enjoy the shoots also. Maybe I’m an exhibitionist at heart. I like to get my bits out on shoots and show what I have. I can get quite naughty but of course photographers are a professional bunch and I think it’s a matter of honour that they don’t let on if they are getting hot and bothered. On some shoots its pretty obvious that they are struggling to retain their composure and I love to crank it up another notch just out of badness. I should take more pity really but funnily enough, these shoots tend to produce the best shots!

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Daily Sport: So the shoot for this article, did you drive the photographer mad on this one?

Gemma Green: Oh I don’t know. We didn’t’ have too long for the shoot and he had me all these different positions.

Daily Sport: different positions??

Gemma Green:  ha ha I know what you’re thinking!.. But no. I mean in different POSES. We were working so hard that there wasn’t time to even think about it, though I did notice he drank all the bottled water in the room.. so maybe he was hot and bothered now that I think about it!

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Daily Sport: Well either way some lovely pics once more. So before you go, what are your ambitions for the future

Gemma Green: I am working very hard in my ring girl work and shoots and just want to do more. I also want to get on to the biggest boxing and MMA shows and hope exposure like this helps all that.

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Daily Sport: And is there anything interesting coming up for you in the next while?

Gemma Green: Well actually, now that you ask, I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and I’m going for a boob job very shortly!

Daily Sport: Now that IS something that WOULD interest our readers.. so just a bit more perk or going the full Katie Price???

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Gemma Green: The Full Katie price.. ha ha..  You’re bad!  Well you will just have to wait and see. Tell you what, why don’t I give you the first shoot when they’re done!

Daily Sport: That would be fantastic!… Thanks Gemma, and best of luck in 2020

Gemma Green: Thanks guys – Hope you and your readers enjoy my shoot – it was a lot of fun!!

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