Daily Sport Entertainment chats to Swiss actress Lara Pictet


Daily Sport Entertainment recently spoke to Swiss actress Lara Pictet, star of the 2019 film “By Light of Desert Night “.

Lara, who was born in Switzerland but is now based in America, she studied drama at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.

Having managed to grab one of the last flights out of LA on March 10, Lara has spent lockdown in Geneva with her family where she has spent the time catching up on various projects, working on s scripts and taking a screen writing class.

Night time filming for By Light of Desert Night

Lara Stars in the 2019 film “By Light of Desert Night “, which was filmed in Nevada over 15 days, filming most of the night scenes filmed in one night…. something of a record to get 19 shots in one night . She says about the night filming “It was fun filming at night, although filming with all the dunes in the dark was pretty scary, the night sky was beautiful, so full of stars. We had 3 or 4 people watching the area to look out for snakes, scorpions and other critters entering the film set, although fortunately I didn’t see any, we knew they were out there “

cast filming in Nevada

Lara had several new films scheduled this year although, due to the pandemic all filming has been put on hold. She says hopefully production and development can restart in September, depending on the pandemic.

Another project Lara is working on is the neon noir film “Serpentine” she says “ Serpentine is my baby, I’ve been working on it for almost 4 years with one of my oldest school friends, I am producing and starring in it. Originally set to be a feature film it is now set to be a pilot, directed by upcoming director Samuel Gonzalez Jr, its a very suspenseful mysterious story. Hopefully filming can commence at the beginning of October or November this year.”

“By Light of Desert Night” is available on Sky Store now is due out on Amazon Prime and Netflix this month, in it Lara plays ‘April’. The film is a raw and destructive indie film about a school girl who re-unites with her two besties and embarks on a trip to Raven Rock (filmed in Nevada). Shocking events unfold that expose their seemingly solid friendship as a warped web of jealousy, deceit and betrayal. 


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