EXCLUSIVE the child stars RUINED by DRUGS & BOOZE, how they look today


If you’ve every wondered what happened to your favour stars from when you were a child look no further Daily Sport have unearthed the PICS that the STARS would rather their FANS never saw and just goes to show have BOOZE and DRUGS can ruin a persons career and life.

Stars from CHILDHOOD look at them today from Peppa Pig to Thomas The Tank Engine to Bungle from RAINBOW to R2D2 who got BINNED after binge drinking.

Well these PICTURES are totally SHOCKING as we reveal 7 stars and how they look today.

The DRUGS & BOOZE don’t work – Then & Now

Snuggles never as you’ve never seen before.

R2D2 Binned off.

Bungle in the chair once again.

Peppa Pig after a heavy session.

Shrek a bit rusty after a few beers.

Barney begging in Dagenham.

Thomas the Tank Engine on the scrap heap.