Well that was a warm couple of days wasn’t it!?

How on earth the mercury got to forty degrees in sunny old England is beyond me, but everyone from my aunt to my postman had something to say about it and I couldn’t help but sympathise with their sticky thighs!

It’s one thing to be on a beautiful beach sipping cocktails with the wind in your hair and topless waiters touting their room keys, but it’s another think to be doing your weekly shop in hot-ants and flip flops just so you can spend another few minutes in the freezer aisle for a bit of light relief from such heat.

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Us Brits – and our roads and traintracks it seems – just aren’t built for such extremes in weather. Give me a slightly less-cloudy sixteen degrees and I’ll be out there sunbathing between showers and lighting my barbecue beneath my brolly all in the name of summertime, but as soon as we experience real heat we scuttle away to fan our moist bits and hide indoors begging for sundown to hurry up.

I don’t think that I know a single person who managed to sleep in this blistering heat, despite putting pillows in the freezer, bathing in cold showers, using wet flannels and even sleeping outside! And it naturally had me wondering how we seem to spend all year slaving away at work, craving a summer holiday only to absolutely detest it the second that sunshine comes to our doorstep.

Yes, life is a lot sweeter in a bikini at 11am and bedroom with air-con and sea views, but the reality is that we’re just not prepared to take the weather home with us, because dare I say it, maybe we enjoy wet weekends and grey skies a little too much too admit!

At least on a wet day our grass isn’t looking like straw and catching fire, our thighs don’t chaff, our breasts don’t form unexpected puddles and we don’t look like we’ve just been swimming every time we leave the house and break a sweat. I enjoy being able to wear makeup without it melting down my neck, sitting down on any surface without looking like I’ve wet myself when I stand up and hopping into my car to go shopping without roasting my rump on the seat!

I don’t mind breaking a sweat when I’ve earned it! Give me a gym or some bedroom olympics any day and I’ll happily go for hours until I’m drenched, but throw several sweaty armpits under my nose in the stale air of the underground during a heatwave and I’ll start looking for the next flight to Antartica! 

I’m not ashamed to admit that I got excited for it to rain, to turn met cracked soil to lush green grass once more and to be able to wake up without my breasts stuck to my biceps – you know, the little things in life. It seems a little of what we fancy does us good and whilst a record breaking week of heat was nice for a change, I’m in no hurry for it to return anytime soon. Instead I’ll be basking in a chilly evening sunset and getting busy with my blanket and slippers. How about you?

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