BKB 27 is only hours away now

It features British-title action, a grudge fight, an amazing comeback story and a clash between two high-profile fighters

Ben Hatchett’s story will be well known to readers of the tabloid press and he makes his BKB™ debut on Saturday night.

Ben signing up with us has tempted ‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’ out of retirement.

Robin Deakin never was ‘Britain’s Worst Boxer,’ but he gave himself the nickname to get publicity – and it worked.

Dave Thomas is the fighter with the comeback story . . .

We are proud of our safety record at BKB™. Though this is obviously a very, very hard sport, most injuries picked up at the shows are no worse than those suffered in city centres on a Saturday night.

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Dave suffered a broken leg at BKB 21, last August. The injury happened when he fell after shipping a punch from Mickey Parker in their battle for the vacant British cruiserweight title.

Dave was well on his way to victory until he ran onto a big punch – that’s what happens in BKB™ – and on Saturday night he’s back.

The vacant British title is on the line again when he meets Steven Evans at the O2 Arena.

There’s unfinished business between Lawrence Tracey and Mason Shaw after they had a no contest on BKB 23 last November.

Lawrence thought he should have been awarded the win after Mason was ruled out through an injury.

He felt that Mason was injured falling from a punch he landed, while Mason insisted he simply lost his footing.


So there’s a score to bet settled between them.

We will also be adding a name to the BKB™ Hall of Fame.

Someone who has been with us right from the start will be recognised on Saturday night.

There are a few tickets still available, but if you can’t make it you can buy the fights on www.fite.tv.

Enjoy the show!

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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