Tonight at 8PM the Youtube channel Rockumentary TV airs the short “rockumentary – Barry’s Flying Circus 2020.” which tells the tale of Dub Pistols frontman Barry Ashworth’s adventures organising and taking part in the charity wing walking fundraiser for the charity Tonic Music For Mental Health. The video also features Happy Mondays “Bez,” who tells the camera how he originally ended up joining Shaun Ryder onstage after Shaun was paranoid of facing the crowds whilst tripping on LSD.

Bez of the Happy Mondays, born Mark Berry, wing walking to help raise money for the charity TONIC Music of Mental Health at Rendcomb Airfield, Gloucestershire, UK

On 7th October 2020 Barry gathered a host of rock’n’rollers to take to the skies to do a wing walk and raise money for the excellent charity Tonic Music For Mental Health , An incredible achievement. Their target of £20,000.00 got well and truly smashed as they have gone beyond what they set out to do. Bez of Happy Mondays fame joined the circus too. Barry and Bez did barrel rolls and a loop the loop ! Seriously ! These guys are brave. It was incredible. Everyone who took part played their part.

Barry Ashworth, joined by Firouzeh Razavi, Bez and stunt pilot

Rockumentary Film Director Gem Rey said about the project

” I wanted to make this film to highlight how we can all reach out and help our friends. Suicide and mental health awareness is really crucial at any time. 2020 has been a challenging year and the music / events industry has been especially hit by the circumstances. I have now learned that the horse racing industry is also similar to the music world & needs support. If making this film saves one life, then it is worth it. Live your life. Look after each other. Call your mates & check they’re ok.”

You can watch the film on the YouTube channel here