Non-binary changing rooms to hit the high street


High street stores have begun introducing gender-neutral changing rooms into some of their stores. This will make it easier for gender fluid or trans people to be comfortable with their choice of which changing rooms to use, I am sure it will make it easier for the shop staff manning the changing area also. Considering that changing rooms are not just open rooms like the swimming pools I went to when I was younger this shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. They all have cubicles with doors and or curtains to allow for privacy. I have spoken to a few people about this and asked their opinions on it. Whilst the overriding view is that it is a positive move, there were a few concerns from females about the possibility of males walking in on them when they are undressing, which I can understand, no one wants a random old man gawping at them while they are trying to squeeze into their spandex. Obviously, the stores can get around this by ensuring that gender-neutral changing rooms have lockable doors on the cubicles rather than the flimsy curtains or swing doors.

High street giant Primark is said to be one of the first to be offering non-binary changing spaces in some of their stores. According to their spokesman, they have added “non-gendered fitting rooms to improve the customer experience” however they are yet to include them in any further stores. Reactions have been mixed but really is it any different than unisex bathrooms, which a lot of offices and restaurants have? Yes, there is the fact that in changing rooms one will be sans clothing at some point during the trying on process but as long as they are equipt with lockable doors there should be no chance of anyone walking in on someone else so perfectly safe and secure.

I personally have no issue with gender-neutral changing rooms, in fact, I applaud them. What are your thoughts on gender-neutral changing rooms?  Would it have any effect on whether you would choose to shop in a certain place? Do you think it is a good idea? Email, comment or DM on twitter with your opinions.

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