I’m here again this week to help yet more Sport Readers with their problems


Your resident porn star is back with another column designed to help with all your relationship and sex-based issues! Got a problem? Write to me at [email protected] or find me on my social channels and I’ll use my 10 years’ experience in the adult industry to get to the bottom of it.

Thanks to all those that messaged me about the selfies I included with last week’s column. Here are a couple photos to get you through the weekend!


Hi Lola,

I find myself sexually attracted to my step brother’s girlfriend. She is a 31 whilst I am 25.

She does have a curvy body as well. On her social media she uploads a lot of pictures of her showing legs, cleavage, bum, bikini pics and all-round hot pictures. When I see her see often goes braless so I can see her pokies and wears tight jeans which shows off her thighs and bum.

I do find myself masturbating a lot over pictures of her. Is this bad and what should I do to stop? Any advice would be gladly received.


Lola says: I think most of us can think back to a time when we’ve been attracted to someone dating a friend of family member. Knowing you shouldn’t be looking and keeping your feelings a secret can make you feel like you’re doing something wrong, but it’s all part of our natural instincts. Having her photos for all to see online means she’s certainly not shy but I don’t think she’ll appreciate you letting her know quite how much you enjoy them! The last thing you want it to do is cause friction within the family, so it might be best to try to wean yourself off her and explore some other material for your private time. Might I suggest some of my own movies?!

Hi Lola,

I really want to get in to porn! My ex-girlfriends have all said how great I am in bed and how big my manhood is. Can you help me?

Anon, London

Lola says: If I had a pound for every time someone has asked me this over the years I could retire and not shoot anymore porn myself! The industry has changed rapidly in recent years. Whilst there are still many studios of all sizes creating their own productions in the traditional way, many stars and amateurs are making more money and getting greater exposure shooting and selling their own content. Start by making your own solo videos and building a presence on social media whilst you research and contact studios!

I started off shooting spanking and BDSM scenes for fetish sites before moving on to more mainstream filth and haven’t looked back since! Maybe one day we’ll work together if you’re lucky enough :)

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