EXCLUSIVE: Words Barry Tomes , Pics Jules Annan

Boudicca Scherazade was seen here with her publicist Barry Tomes arriving at Staines Magistrates Court for another hearing for her long-standing dispute with a fellow market trader. The case was adjourned until a later date as the fellow market trader failed to attend the hearing, due to work commitments.

What’s in store today for Boudicca Scherazade as she arrives at Staines Magistrates court for sentencing for breaching a previous court order banning her from making contact with Laurence Roche. Scherazade arrived at court with her publicist Barry Tomes.

Tomes says. It’s frustrating this keeps being delayed. We have so much planned for our client this year. We are already in preproduction for a documentary about a former occupant of her beautiful home on the river Thames. Actor described as London’s Greatest actor. David Garrick during features for his 300th birthday in 2017. The home and it’s beautiful eclectic contents will be featured. This is for Latest TV in Brighton.

Scherazade a former star of Storage Wars. Hopes the rumours of the revival of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 4 are true. She says ” I have always fancied being locked away with famous people and revealing their real personality’s.”

Bubbly Boudicca flaunts her lovely curves

Tomes says he will certainly be in touch with Endemol the producers of CBB. Tomes of course has had previous clients on the show.

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