Foods To Boost Your Sex Life

Do you want to boost your sex life and your sexual stamina? You need foods that increase your blood flow and are packed with energy boosting vitamins to increase your sex drive – and improve your performance in bed.

These are my top 5 foods to get you started..


This healthy juicy fruit could certainly help as it contains a rich source of something called Citrulline, an amino acid that is responsible for blood vessel dilation and relaxation, which may support better stimulation of blood flow for an erection and to the vagina. Many studies have shown that this fruit could be a real boost for sexual activity, rather like a natural Viagra, and could also benefit you if you suffer from the common condition of erectile dysfunction.


Add this spicy plant to any of your meals as this is another food that supports blood flow in your body, and is also great for supporting your arteries and a healthy heart. It could help to lower your blood pressure and this could increase your sexual arousal and libido. Ginger powder or Ginger root can be added to most meals whilst cooking, and is often found in Chinese food. According to a study in the International Journal of Cardiology, if you consume just a teaspoon a few times a week, you will feel the benefits.


This is one that you have probably heard of – an aphrodisiac to enhance your sexual experience – and the truth is, it could. It contains a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help regulate blood pressure and improve blood circulation, but it also contains a really good source of zinc, and that’s an important mineral for male sexual health. Research has found that low zinc levels may have a negative effect on the production of testosterone, which is essential for supporting a good sex drive.


Bananas are packed with potassium, which is a great muscle-relaxing mineral that can help reduce any cramps or muscle spasms which could get in the way of your sexual experience. The potassium can help lower your blood pressure as well, ensuring that your get a proper blood flow to certain parts of the body that are much needed.


Not the sexiest of foods to think about, but you may want to have that bowl of porridge in the mornings as it offers the riches source of amino acids of any other type of cereal, and helps to lower your cholesterol levels. Having high cholesterol can affect the blood flow to your heart, and as sexual activity requires a certain amount of stamina, having good cholesterol levels will help your sex drive and stamina. So ditch that white bread and rice – and reach for wholemeal and wholegrains.

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