Evil perverts praying on gulible during lockdown



After the LOCKDOWN of Britain annoucned on Monday [March 23] by PM Boris Johnson Daily Sport has learned that RUTHLESS PERVERTS have been calling at peoples homes in HAZMAT suits saying they are from the Ministry of Health and saying that you have to undertake a compulsory CORONA VIRUS test which is done via them inserting their finger up your ARSE!

We can assure DAILY SPORT readers that this is a SCAM and do not allow any such people into your home they are not officials just PERVERTS.

A Sport Reader who has been duped posted this on social media.

This HORRIBLE scam came to light after one DAILY SPORT reader who didn’t want to be identified posted on social media saying “If anyone knocks at your door and asks to put their finger up your BUM to test for Corona Virus, it’s a SCAM!, I feel really stupid now.”

DAILY SPORT syas – Readers be on your guard for SCAMMERS. #StaySafe #StayHome


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