Meet the mayoral candidate who wants to BATRA Khan at the polls


Non-Party political-independent London Mayor candidate has described the political landscape in the UK as ‘Politrix’.

Shaym Batra, whose professional background is in bespoke financial property consultancy advice, was born in the borough of Hillingdon and has lived in Uxbridge.

Batra has laid out firm policies, based on the following goals:

  • Transparency not secrecy
  • Prosperity not poverty
  • Homeowners not homelessness
  • Champions not criminals

Batra states:

I am totally non-politically-aligned, right now I just call It ‘Politrixs’.

All I want to do is help the people of London out and get this great city back on its feet, it’s been broken in every single area and is up to capacity and I am dedicated to making London the vibrant place it once was.

It must be known as the title states I’m running this NON-POLITICAL, people don’t want politics at all in the current climate. Most of the public I speak to are fed up of listening to lies. What I say I will do. I’m a no-nonsense man.

I call ULEZ the USELESS charge. For me alone, a lifelong Londoner, it’s costing me £1000 or more a month to go in and out of Central London to go on the streets, to the boroughs and meet the people of London.

I will abolish the ULEZ charge. It’s got nothing to do with the so-called climate crisis and people are expected to receive £2000 to scrap a perfectly decent car and then pay seven years’ finance to buy a compliant one? How does London feel about this?

Khan has bankrupted City Hall three times with his policies, for example, Transport for London is now in debt as of November 2023 of some £15.3b and there is no news of where the money spent has gone, he paid £30m to the Unions who then went on strike again.

I will introduce driverless trains to counter the union strikes if the unions keep forcing strikes it’s unfair to the public. I am prepared to meet the unions. They’re not helping the situation, maybe they’re fed up too. They can contact my team and I will be more than happy to speak to them. I will also reduce train fares for commuters.

London is bust and broken, just look at knife crime and that heinous acid attack by a convicted criminal who was granted asylum.

The people of London are not happy to walk their streets and robberies are on the up, you simply cannot vote for a mayor that does not care about our city or any party, they never do anything just talk we are fed up of this. People tell me “It’s scary” when I speak to many in the boroughs. But I will fix this with the assistance of our police force and communities.

I would impose a 15-year penalty for knife crime and any other disturbing crimes immediately, no need for court. People need to be safe, and nobody is helping this. We need to educate our children as to the dangers of knives and gangs. I urge all gangs to stop this too – we will find a solution when we create new youth centres for all children in all boroughs.

I will reopen police stations in every borough where officers are available immediately to counter any offence and crime committed, and at the same time, open up youth centres to help prevent knife and gang crime and stop our kids wandering the streets for no gain.

On the weekends, for example, I will arrange activities and social opportunities in all our parks so young people and families can meet, socialise and engage safely.

Any homeless people on the streets who are undocumented, I will call the police and they get sent back. I was born here, this is my city too and we don’t need people like the acid attacker in London or anywhere else in the UK. If any more asylum seekers commit any further crimes in London, we will send them back. I will work to remove the ECHR ruling.

I will keep cash going for businesses as this affects the most vulnerable in our society. There will not be any mandated central digital currency. I will raise awareness of C40 Cities – A global network of mayors taking urgent climate action Non- politi-critical : Batra to Save the City.


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