SEXCASE Builder Says Sex Is The BOLLARDS


Just when you thought our Great British construction industry could sink any lower along comes PERVERTED Ukrainian builder Boris 30 years old and single, who has a PENCHANT for sticking 1 metre TRAFFIC CONES up his back passage.

As the pic shows KINKY BORIS just cannot get enough of these GIANT PLASTIC road safety devices taking most of the 100cm MONSTERS up his ARSE even on his work breaks in full view of his colleagues.

Boris boss JJ told Daily Sport “His nickname on the site is OLD DIRTY BOLLARDS, but his work is second to none or his arse would have been up the road by now.”

Boris declined to speak to DAILY SPORT but one work mate know as Tony said”Give him 100 bollards and he’s in HEAVEN” adding “He told me his SEXLIFE is the BOLLARDS”

Well Sport Readers we certainly don’t think BORIS’ brand of road safety is going to catch on here in the UK.


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