Britain’s most historic BOOZER where Darwen & Churchill go for a pint

Not every pub can boast customers such as Charles Darwen and Winston Churchill but the Oakhill Bar & Grill in London’s east end has then all.

Daily Sport has been sent photos of the 2 are alive and well out for a quiet pint in one of the EAST ENDS finest boozers and don’t just take our word for it.

Darwen now aged 211 and Chruchill 146 are rumoured not to speak after they fell out over a pub DARTS match a few years back.

Regular Tommy told Daily Sport “It ain’t often you’re sat in the pub having a few beers and look up and the GEEZER on the back of you FIVER is having a drink with his bird and the old GUY off the TENNER is having a quiet pint.”

The brewery concerned declined to comment, but the photos speak for themselves and it isn’t often that a NATIONAL newspaper can report on 2 world famous historical BRITS alive and well and out for a pint.

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