COP a load of this as COPS go COVID-Undercover in SUPPORT BUBBLE suits

Just when we thought that we had seen it all and the stupid rules, regulations and PPE introduced by our inept leaders they go and excel themselves with these new Hi-Vis mobile one-man tents which POLICE forces across the country are being asked to trail.

Support Bubble Suit inventor Mehmet

The device the cross between a ¾ length tent and a pop-up laundry basket are the brainchild of a TURKISH inventor Mehmet who some how has got the UK government to buy into the ridiculous idea.

One ex-COPPER Daily Sport spoke to speaking anonymously said “As if people don’t take this piss out of coppers enough these days without this kind of CRAP, I’m bloody glad I’m retired.”

Maybe they are part of a COMMUNITY SUPPORT BUBBLE or who knows?