Sport Reader left distraught after BLOW UP DOLL’S lockdown suicide

A Sport Reader who wants to remain nameless has been left DISTRAUGHT after LOCKDOWN BLUES ended with his beloved BLOW UP DOLL Nancy taking her own life.

The stress on MENTAL health associated with the endless LOCKDOWN and DRACONIAN rules has taken it’s TOLL on many of us but this is the first time Daily Sport has ever heard of a blow up doll taking her own life.

The Sport Reader concerned we’ll call Barry told Daily Sport “Since Nancy took her own life I’ve been left DEFLATED and without out anyone one to SHAG whilst cooped up in LOCKDOWN.” Adding “Before that we were at it like RABBITS.”

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If LOCKDOWN doesn’t end soon EXPERTS say this is the first of many such POINTLESS suicides which we certainly don’t want to BLOW OUT of all proportions.

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