Swingers PUB welcomes the return of the RULE OF 6

A world famous SWINGERS PUB in Lancashire has welcomed the re-opening of pubs with outdoors space from April 12 with the ‘Rule of 6’ in place, with veteran SWINGER and landlady Mavis [pictured] saying “Who isn’t up for a SIX-SOME?”

Now council bosses have warned the regulars at the Ye Olde Back Passage in Skelmersdale that they face a FINE or indeed losing their licence if the 6 participants are from more than 2 households under the DRACONIAN legislation dreamt up by our PM Doris Jobsworth and his inept advisers.

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Having looked at the numerous RULES brought in since Coronavirus hit our shores back in 2019 Daily Sport can only think that this USELESS government and its so-called SCIENTIFIC experts have dreamt up one stupid rule after another scribbled on the back of a FAG PACK.

With SWINGING being one of the most participated in HOBBIES in the UK you would have thought that more could have been done to help the MILLIONS of participants get through LOCKDOWN which for many has been more like COCKDOWN.

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One regular at Ye Olde Back passage told Daily Sport “Well me and the missus are used to 20+ people GANGBANGS but we’ll just have to live we a SIX-SOME whilst things are as they are.”

Daily Sport says this is what you call a COMMUNITY locals PUB where literally everyone knows everyone INTIMATELY.

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