Tan Lines F**KED my modelling career



A contestant in the prestigious Miss California Beach contest, that is California in Norfolk not the USA has told how FACE MASK tan lines ruined her chance of winning the competition and a modelling contract with a firm of Discount Pet Shops worth £250.

POSH TOTTY Amanda-Jayne 21yo told Daily Sport “I was odds on favourite to WIN at 6/4 and got dropped after my TAN LINES were revealed to the judges, this bloody CORONAVIRUS has ruined my life.”

Since LOCKDOWN got introduced in MARCH and the SUN came out many people have ended up with GHASTLY tan lines across the faces from wearing a FACE MASK.

The wearing of facemasks is now compulsory on PUBLIC TRANSPORT causing many models to become house bound for fear of a SUN TAN ending their career.

Daily Sport asked the organisers of Miss California Beach for comment but they refused to be drawn into an ongoing LEGAL DISPUTE with a former contestant.


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