Trophy hunter more Boxing Day C**T than Boxing Day Hunt

A trophy hunter from WIGAN has gone viral after posting a photo of himself on SOCIAL MEDIA with his GUN and a light up reindeer which he supposedly SHOT.

The unnamed HUNTER has been the BUTT of jokes across the GLOBE since his image went VIRAL on Monday this week.

Mates say he is just one of the LADS who posted it for a laugh to try and cheer people up after the POXY year we’ve all had with LOCKDOWNS and draconian rules impose by old Doris Jobsworth in Downing Street.

One person commented ‘He looks more Boxing Day C**T than Boxing Day Hunt.’ and one idiot says ‘Imagine killing a harmless CHRISTMAS decoration, DISGUSTING’

Well Sport Readers it definitely takes all sorts and our journalists seem to find more than our fair share of CRANKS…………

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