War of The Wives hits Birmingham suburb

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Two suburban WIFES are at war in a leafy district of Birmingham after one SHAGGED the neighbour opposites HUSBAND.

Daily Sport learned it all started when newcomer 25yo Donna from Skelmersdale moved into BUTT HOLE ROAD and made a bee line for neighbour 46yo Shannon’s husband Gary [50yo] and he has been HAVIN’ her ever since.

Things came to a head when Shannon caught them at it and attacked them both and the POLICE broke them up. Since then Shannon has placed a sign in her window “The C*NT across the street is F**KING my husband.” much to the annoyance of the residents association.

None of those involved would speak to Daily Sport publicly but one disgruntled resident who wanted to remain anonymous told DAILY SPORT “This was a lovely area until that SLUT moved in,” adding “People used to aspire to live in BUTT HOLE ROAD.”

Another resident told us that since LOCKDOWN this is the best entertainment we’ve had and dubbed it “BATTLE OF THE BITCHES”


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