World TURKEY shortages could mean there is ELF-all else this Christmas

Reports are circulating in the FOOD industry that even if the nation is allowed out to CELECBRATE Christmas this year due to factory closures and other factors that there could indeed be a WORLD turkey shortage, meaning that the only meat this year could well be ELF.

ELF has been a delicacy in certain countries around the globe CHRISTMAS DAY since ROMAN times but has been SHUNNED by many over the years in favour of TURKEY, but now with possibilities of ELF-all else to eat due to factory closures, the pandemic and BREXIT people are waking up to the fact that if might have to be ELF for Christmas 2020.

One ELF farmer in LAP LAND speaking EXCLUSIVELY to Daily Sport said “We have seen a 2000% increase in orders for 2020 and are struggling to keep up with the demand.”

Well Sport Readers you could ELF-in make it up that eating SANTAS little helper is considered a DELICAY by some FREAKS in the world.

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