BKB 29 is going to be a bareknuckle boxing show like no other the UK has ever seen

For the first time here, fighters will be trading punches in the trigon on Sunday, October 16.

The trigon was the idea of our partners from the United States, Backyard Boxing Extreme.

The triangle-shaped area is designed to ensure more exchanges, more excitement and more knockouts.

There really is nowhere to hide in the trigon.

BKB™ fighters have fought in the trigon when they’ve headed over to the States – and now we are bringing it to the O2 Arena next month.

I guess the trigon will suit the punchers rather than the movers – and the fans as well.

I don’t think anyone could ever accuse BKB™ shows of being boring – and the trigon could make them even more exciting.

I can’t wait!

We look forward to welcoming fighters from BYB Extreme to London next month – and look forward to seeing Scott McHugh in Miami!

‘The Mute’ is heading there to fight on November 19, the latest chapter in an amazing story.

Scott was chucked in deep on his BKB™ debut in 2018, against Tony Lafferty.

He showed incredible heart in defeat that night and has gone on to win British honours and become a real star of BKB™.

What an inspiring story.

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It just goes to show what BKB™ can do for fighters – and how losing your debut isn’t the end of the world.

Dan Podmore had a loss early in his BKB™ career and he’s now a two-weight world champion.

We don’t have too many unbeaten fighters on the BKB™ roster, but we have a lot of tough, quality fighters.

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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