BKB fighters are the hardest of the hardmen

EVERYONE knows our fighters as the hardest of the hard men, the modern day gladiators who get in the ring and fight their hearts out until one of them drops.

There’s much to them than that.

Alex Wilson has signed up to fight for us and when he heard about a terminally ill boy in his neighbourhood, he helped out.

Alex has a sizeable following on social media – he’s an entertaining character! – and used that to publicise what Ellis and his parents were going through.

Laura and Ash wanted to organise an early Christmas for Ellis – and Alex got involved. He told his followers what his friends were going through and helped ensure that Ellis had a special day.

He received thousands of Christmas cards and presents from well wishers who had been touched by his story and the absolute agony his parents have been going through.

Alex even went round to see him dressed up as Batman!

Alex is a tough man, but I know he’s shed plenty of tears after spending time with Ellis.

Everyone at BKB is very proud of Alex and what he’s done for Ellis. We are proud to say he is one of our fighters.

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We do vet all out fighters before they sign up to fight for us because we don’t want villains and troublemakers representing BKB. That’s our policy.

In fact, when we sign up fighters we tell them that if they’re going to fight for us, they represent us and if they get into trouble or do anything that might blacken the company name, they will be sacked.

We are building a brand and I’m sure anyone who has met our fighters will agree that they are respectful and have time for people.

Bareknuckle boxing is a sport for tough guys – and good guys too.

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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