EVERY fight fan was left disappointed by the collapse of the Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua super fight

I guarantee I will never be in a position where I have to break the news that a major fight has fallen through because of a contract dispute.

In BKB™, the best fight the best – or they don’t fight for BKB™.

We don’t have opponents, rematch clauses or arbitration cases. If it’s a good fight, it happens and if either fighter doesn’t want it for whatever reason, we tell them to fight for someone else!

We don’t have opponents or warm-up fights. Ricardo Franco has undergone life-saving surgery since his first fight with Jimmy Sweeney – and he jumps straight back into a rematch with Jimmy on Saturday, August 14.

That’s a massive fight and so is the bill topper on BKB 21, the clash between Dan Chapman and Sean George for Dan’s world bantamweight title.

The Saturday, July 3 show features plenty of heavyweight action for those who are disappointed by Fury-AJ falling through.

Hari Miles makes his return to BKB TM to face Charlie Milner – and Hari knows Tyson Fury well.

He has sparred many rounds with him and has a win over American veteran Josh Burns in BKB™ which is proof of the Welshman’s quality.

We’ve also go the clash between Andrew Ross and Carl Hobley on Saturday, July 3. It’s a clash of good guys. Both are donating money from the fight to charity, but they won’t be showing any good intentions towards each other when the bell goes!

The target for all our heavyweights is our British champion, Daniel Podmore, from Birmingham.

Daniel has a great story.

He used to fight on the unlicensed circuit week in, week out and clocked up around 200 fights as a journeyman before making the switch to BKB.

Daniel went on to win the vacant British title with that stoppage of Rob Cunningham last year and then beat Charlie Milner in his first defence.

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I know both Rob and Charlie want rematches – and others are joining the queue to make the heavyweight division exciting.

The good news for fans of BKB™ is, if there’s a good heavyweight match to be made, it will definitely happen.

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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