I BELIEVE we will see 1 of the best fights in BKB history BKB 21

The fight between Sean George and Dan Chapman has everything.

Sean is a hardened BKB fighter, a true legend of our sport, while Dan is the flashy new kid on the block looking to prove himself among the hardest of the hard men.

Sean brawls and Dan boxes so the styles should blend perfectly – and then there are all the subplots . . .

They are both looking to be The Prince of Wales – and this is also a battle of the

Dan is known as ‘Indian Spice’ because of his Indian heritage and Sean could be ‘Old Spice!’

Sean says he’s too tough, Dan will think he’s too skilled. We find out on Sunday,
September 6.

BKB 21 also features the rematch between Ricardo Franco and Jimmy Sweeney. No wonder the show has sold out!

That is the first of three shows in just five weeks!

We are back at the Indigo at O2 six days later – and again on Saturday, October 11.

We have been putting together the shows this week and in the next few days we will be in a position to announce the line up for the first ever heavyweight ‘Prizefighter.’

That goes ahead on Saturday, September 12 and what a night that promises to be. Four big lads going toe to toe and throwing bombs for big money. The winner walks away with £5,000 – not bad for a night’s work.

The line up will be revealed in next week’s column.

As ever, we are busy. We’ve got three shows to match and fighters are on the ‘phone every day wanting to be a part of the fastest-growing sport in the UK!

Louis Pow has signed up to fight for us again. He’s a great character. Louis is a
successful businessman, but that’s not enough for him! Louis likes testing himself
and there’s no bigger test than a BAREKNUCKLE fight!

Until next week.

Joe Smith-Brown

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