LIAM Wilson is an ex-soldier and experienced MMA fighter


But I bet he still empties the dishwasher when his other half asks him to.

Because if you thought Liam is tough, you should seen his wife!

Mathilda Wilson is a fearsome fighter herself, as you will discover if you get tickets for BKB 34 – before they run out.

Saturday, September 26 is set to feature Mathilda in the first female fight on a BKB™ show.

Mathilda has a lengthy and impressive CV in combat sports having competed in MMA and gloved boxing before.

But she has never fought on the sort of platform BKB TM provides for its fighters.

The O2 Arena has become the home of bareknuckle boxing over the last few years. BKB™ shows there are a real experience. The atmosphere is unique and of course, drama and action are guaranteed.  

The venue is sure to be full with 3,000 fans next month and millions more will be watching around the world.

Few combat sports promoters give their fighters the chance to perform in front of such an audience.

I’m confident that once we stage our first women’s fight, more women will want the chance to fight for us.


I’ve always been a fan of women’s gloved boxing and the growth of the sport has come as no surprise to me. I expect women’s bareknuckle boxing to grow as well.

BKB 34 should be the start of an exciting new era for BKB™.

More fights are being added all the time to a show topped by Dan Chapman defending his world flyweight title against Ishe Smith in what has the makings of a genuine super fight!

Dan was a world-class gloved amateur boxer now ranked among the world’s best pound for pound bareknuckle fighters, while Ishehas set himself the target of becoming the first fighter to win world honours with and without gloves.

What a fight it promises to be and if you want to be there to see it, you need to buy a ticket soon!

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown


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