MASSIVE news this week!

Jim has been over in Florida this week for a press conference where it was announced the biggest fight in bareknuckle boxing is coming to Wales !

Barrie Jones – the undefeated king of the world – will face Lowrant T Nelson in Cardiff on Saturday, August 17.

That is a great way to launch BYB Extreme Europe.

We now have a pool of over 250 fighters from 24 countries to choose from and we want to find the best at each weight and put them against each other.

Jones-Nelson is a massive statement of intent.

At the press conference it was called ‘The GOAT against The GOAT.’

They can’t both be the Greatest of All Time so it needs to be sorted out !

British fans will remember Nelson for his classic battles with Nathan DeCastro, Dan McGraffin and James Connelly.

Nelson-Connelly was the fight of the year and I’m sure we will see the rematch.

Before that, it’s Jones-Nelson in Cardiff.

Barrie is the unbeaten, pound for pound No 1 who’s come through every challenge we’ve put in front of him.

He took all of 15 seconds to see off Luiz Melo in the trigon in Miami a couple of years ago !

The show also features the debut of the first signing to BYB Europe, Jack Marshman.

He’s in with the seasoned Szymon Szynkiewicz and Jonny Jones faces Joe Fitzpatrick.

As was revealed at the press conference on Thursday night,  fights will now be held in the trigon over five, three-minute rounds and there will be a ‘10’ count, rather than an ‘18’ count and fighting in the clinch is allowed.

Mike Vazquez, the CEO of BYB Extreme, was saying the trigon is “the third man of the ring.” He says the trigon “keep the judges out of the way.”

So we can expect more spectacular KOs !

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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