NO prizes for guessing who was first on the phone to me after we announced plans for the BKB Lockdown show this month

It was Sean ‘The Outlaw’ George.

He was straight on the phone to me saying: ‘Get me on the show!’

That is what Sean is like. He just loves to fight and will fight anyone. That’s why he’s going in the BKB Hall of Fame.

He epitomizes everything that’s good about out sport. Sean will fight absolutely anyone. I ring him up and say: ‘I’ve got a fight for you Sean?’ and he just says: ‘Where and when is it?’

Sean will have to wait for his fight with Dan Chapman that, for me, has the makings of an absolute classic.

It’s the hardened warrior against the new lion and I know I’m not the only one who was looking forward to seeing that fight.

Win or lose, Sean has already made his mark in this sport.

I remember matching him with Kevin Bennet years ago and them having a great fight in Nottingham.

That was in the days before the shows were in the national press and being screened in more than 20 countries around the world.

Sean has gone toe to toe with anyone who’s anyone in BKB – and nobody has had an easy night against him.

He gave me one of my favourite memories from BKB history.

Me and Jim were asked by Russian television to choose our best fights and best knockouts from the shows and it won’t surprise you to know Sean ironing out Liam Cullen in their rematch was near the top of the best KOs list!

That punch did an awful lot of good for Sean – and the sport.

He had messages from all over the world saying: ‘What a punch!’

If you haven’t seen it, or want to see it again, it’s on our YouTube channel, along with so many other great fights and knockouts.

It’s the perfect cure for lockdown boredom!

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown