THE big news this week is that BKB 38 is a sell out!

Every ticket for the show at the O2 Arena on Saturday, May 4 has gone.

That follows the sell-out show in Wolverhampton.

And if you want to be at BKB 39, you better move fast. The show on June 1 is selling out quickly as well.

I would estimate 70 per cent of the tickets for BKB 39 have gone.

The reason we are selling out so fast is simple enough. If you go to our shows, you are guaranteed excitement.

BKB™ give audiences good fights.

We aren’t here to build fighters’ records with straightforward wins. We are here to give the fans value for money fights and we are delivering them. That is why we keep selling out.

We sell a good chunk of tickets before the bills have been announced and that tells you that fans know what they are getting with BKB™.

They are getting what they want, exciting 50-50 fights.

I’m looking forward to seeing Dominic Negus in action BKB 38.

Dominic has been itching to get on one of our shows for a while and his big night isn’t far away now.

Dominic is a real larger than life character who gave 2000 Olympic champion Audley Harrison a tough night in the boxing ring two decades ago.

He is still punching – and still loving it.

The BBC screened his fight with Harrison and Dominic’s battle with Craig Griffiths will also be seen by a massive audience.

BKB™ shows are screened all over the world and viewing figures have been climbing and climbing over the past few months.

I’m sure millions around the world will tune in to BKB 38.

The only way to watch the action now that all the tickets have gone is by watching the live stream at

For all the behind the scenes build up subscribe to BKB Fight Pass via the website.

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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