These are exciting times for our sport

Next week, history will be made when two Brits battle it out in New Orleans.

James Connelly and Mark Tiffin go toe to toe in the trigon and then our attention turns to Cardiff.

BYB 30 goes ahead on Saturday, August 17.

It will be the first show on UK soil since we became BYB Extreme Europe and it promises to be a night to remember!

Every fight will be held in the three-sided trigon over three-minute rounds.

We have seen fights in the trigon over here before and you may remember the show at the O2 Arena last June.

That was a team match between the UK and USA for the Police GazzetteCup.

Martin Reffell and Ryan Jett had a ferocious fight – and there were one-round wins for Barrie Jones and Lorawnt T Nelson on the show as well.

Barrie and Lorawnt will face each other in Cardiff next month and what a fight that will be.

Jones-Lorawntis the biggest fight in bareknuckle boxing and is certain to entertain fans around the world.

For the first time there will be betting at the show. That will add to the experience for our fans, but it’s not going to be easy to pick a winner!

Every fight is 50-50.

This is just the start for us.

Greg Bloom, CEO of BYB Extreme, said in an interview with Tom Ross on his The Wraps Are Off podcast the other day that the aim is to take bareknuckle boxing “to the next level.”

Gregsays he wants to make bareknuckle boxing a sport that “everyone all over the world wants to come see” and we are well on the way to achieving that.

Teaming up with BYB Extreme makes it easier to make huge fights the fans want to see, starting with Jones-Nelson.

As expected, tickets for BYB 30 are selling fast, so if you want to be there, I suggest you get yout ticket soon.

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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