Horseracing for beginners – everything you need to know to get involved


Horseracing is one of the most popular sports to get involved with around the UK. This is no surprise when you consider the long history it has in the country and the air of regal grace it possesses. Horseracing is also a lot of fun to follow and sees action taking place at famous tracks around the UK, such as Aintree and Cheltenham.

If you fancy getting into horseracing yourself, it pays to know more about it first. This is certainly true if you plan to start having a flutter on the races. As betting goes hand in hand with this sport, it is usually the case for most keen fans. But what should you know before diving into this exciting sport and placing bets on it?

Choose where to bet carefully first

Although it might be tempting to jump right into horse racing and not spend much time choosing where to bet, this is a mistake. Wherever you decide to sign up with, you must look into the sportsbook properly first to ensure it is safe and fun to bet with.

Key things to research before creating an account include what licenses the platform holds to operate, what online security features it uses, what bonuses it offers and what the horse race betting markets are like there. It is also worth looking at how good the customer support is and how easy the site is to use for newbies. Finding a top sportsbook for horse race betting really is key. If you are struggling to do this, the TwinSpires sportsbook is one of the best around.

Plan out your strategy in advance

As with betting on other sports, such as the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, beginners to horse race betting should have a plan before they put any money down. Having this in place will enable you to bet in a logical, rational way that will give you an edge over the bookies. In addition, betting with a clear strategy in place means it takes less time to find attractive races to bet on each day and you can quickly narrow down the potential horses to back in these races.

The exact strategy you use is up to you and there is plenty of advice online on this subject for beginners. For example, many people choose to focus on the favourites in a race and back them if it makes sense. Others may focus only on races with a certain number of horses competing, flat racing or jumps racing. It really comes down to finding a strategy that works and that you can implement consistently.

Learn how to read the race card

Any newcomer to horse racing needs to not only stay updated with the latest UK horseracing news but also learn how to read a race card. This not only helps with putting any betting strategy into place but keeps you informed on which horses are running in each race if you are only watching.

The race card is simply a guide to a particular race which gives a quick overview of all the key information you might need. The details shown include recent form, which jockey is on a horse, the odds, which yard the horse is racing for, race distance, ground conditions and class of race.

Get up to speed with odds and bet types

Odds are a central part of horse racing, making them something all beginners must grasp. The odds given for a particular horse or outcome not only show how likely it is to happen but also how much you get back if the bet wins. Fractional odds, such as 2/1, are still widely seen in UK racing but decimal odds, such as 3.0, are also popular.

It is also worth getting to know the various types of markets that horse racing involves. Although the ‘Win’ market is the most obvious starting point, it is not the only wager to make. Accumulators, which allow you to combine multiple individual bets into one large one, are popular, as is the ‘Place’ market, which involves betting on a horse to finish in the top two or three positions in a race. If you get to know different markets such as these, you will find a lot more to interest you in your journey.

Horse race betting for beginners

As the above shows, there are some key things any newcomer to horse racing should know about. This is especially true if you plan to bet on races and inject more fun into following this sport through wagers. If you need a few handy tips to get going, the points we have covered above should help.


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