I’M sure you all tuned in to watch the big fight last weekend?

Tyson Fury proved he is the world’s top gloved heavyweight in sensational style in front of 94,000 fans at Wembley.

Tyson loves boxing history and is well aware of his place in it.

He’s proud to call himself the lineal champion. That is a title that dates all the way back to the times when John L Sullivan was the champion as a bareknuckle boxer more than a century ago.

The bareknuckle heavyweight champion is currently held by Jody Meikle and he defends the belt against Dan Podmore on BKB 26 on Saturday, June 11.

Like Tyson and Dillian, Jody and Dan have inspiring stories.

Jody is a modern day ‘Cinderella Man’ – the nickname given to James J Braddock after he left the dole queues of the Great Depression to become heavyweight champion – having stepped in at only 11 days’ notice to win the heavyweight championship.

Jody was known as a tough nut in his 71-fight gloved career, a hard-as-nails journeyman who laughed when the country’s top prospects cracked him on the chin, and it turned out he was well suited to bareknuckle boxing.

He upset Dorian Darch for the world title and Dan is next.

Dan is another with a ‘Rocky’ story. A few years ago, Dan was a fighter unlicensed promoters knew they could ring at 24 hours’ notice if they had a heavyweight who needed a match. Dan could be relied upon to turn up, put on a good show and sometimes, he pulled off a shock.

Dan started winning more than he lost and when he saw BKB™ were offering 50-50 fights with notice and on a massive stage, he got in contact with us.

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Dan won the British title and now he’s going for the world championship.

The heavyweight division in BKB™ looks to have an exciting future.

Dorian Darch meets Ryan Barrett in another good fight on BKB 26 and if you saw BKB 25 I’m sure you will have been impressed by Ruskov Dominguez.

He made his BKB™ debut and won in the first round.

So there’s lots to look forward to.

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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