KAZAKHSTAN here we come!

BKB™ stages our first show there in November – and it’s heading for a sell out already!

We have been told that 50 % of the tickets have already gone and that’s before a fight has even been matched.

That shows there’s a huge appetite for BKB™ shows there.

If you follow us on social media you will know what an impressive venue it is and imagine what it will be liked when it’s packed with fans of BKB™?

The atmosphere will be amazing!

BKB TM is making bareknuckle boxing a global sport, just as we always said we would.

We had fighters from 10 countries competing at BKB 34 last weekend and for me, two of the outstanding performances came from a Ukrainian and a Filipino.

Danylo Hrebeiuk and Rolando Gabriel Dy were both just about punch perfect. Danylo came up with a one-punch knockout and what about Rolando?

That was some debut and if we can make a match between him and Barrie Jones, it has the makings of an absolute classic.

Filipino television were straight on the phone to me afterwards so Rolando clearly made a big impression on them.

Rolando is a big name there having fought in the UFC and he’s also the son of a former world gloved boxing champion.

He showed us what a great fighter he is and on top of that, what a good guy as well!

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His first thoughts after the fight were for his opponent and his children. Rolando is a class act and we are glad he has decided his future is with us.

We saw some romance on BKB 34 after Martin Reffell was crowned British champion.

He proposed to partner Sadie and she said: ‘Yes.’

Everyone at BKB™ hopes they are very happy together.

Until next week Joe Smith-Brown

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