A positively sobering night of white collar boxing at Punch Drunk Promotions


I’ve been attending a fair few Christmas functions to date this December, and admittedly, not all are great! On the 14th December 2013 I was invited to Ringtone Promotions ‘Punch Drunk’ evening at The London Irish Centre in Camden, and will say straight out that it was possibly the best white collar boxing event I have ever attended. I hear you ask ‘What made it so good Paul?’ It’s not a one line answer I’m afraid, so please hang in there whilst I give you some dialogue to back up my convictions.


Firstly, any event which raises funds for charity is good, but it’s how it is administered on the evening that shows how committed the partner is. Ringtone ensured that their charity partner CMT (Charcot-Marie Tooth disease), received numerous stands at the venue, and the ring announcer ensured the essential need for donations were announced and re-announced throughout the night. CMT is a condition that affects the nerves in your legs and arms, and I’m sure the charity is very grateful for the vital funds and publicity that were received. You can still support them if you wish..  http://www.cmt.org.uk/


In terms of boxing, it’s worth taking a step back to understand the values of the Ringtone Boxing Gym. If you haven’t been there, I would highly recommend a visit. It’s a quaint venue in Euston, which oozes boxing from the second you step down the stairs. The gaffer Ben Day works nonstop to ensure each and every person who steps through those doors are not only made welcome, but made to feel like they have just joined a new family. Not mafia style, but certainly a family. He’s also very lucky to have two right hand men by way of Jordan Sullivan and Jack Readings who are turning out to be very good boxing trainers, and also share in the ‘Ringtone ethic’. What makes Ringtone so great is the open minded culture, which looks to embrace any person from any walk of life through those doors. If Ben sees a niche of people who would like to take part in boxing training at any level, he not only encourages them to step through the doors, he opens that door for them and if anything widens the entrance. Since knowing Ben I’ve known him to start a bespoke boxing session for taxi drivers and also people from the gay community. If I was to put a plaque by the side of the boxing ring, it would say something like ‘In the friendship of boxing, everybody is welcome’.


In terms of the boxing on 14th December, I can only say that everybody received serious value for money. The matchmaking throughout the evening was well picked, and as far as small hall boxing goes, you would have to travel far to experience better. With over ten bouts on the night, I am selfishly only going to pick one fight to comment on, which was a between Kevin Whelan and Mark Delaney.


Delaney showed some excellent ring craft from the outset, slipping and sliding punches, rolling round his opponent, and displaying a great jab and straight right. Whelan, although a slightly less orthodox fighter, responded like Jake La Motta to anything he received, and also landed his jab with great success, causing Delaney to suffer a bloodied nose for the last two rounds of their three round contest. The last round reminded me of Erik Morales v Marco Antonio Barrera in their first bout. Both fighters went toe to toe, unleashing everything they had in the tank, and there was not a single person in the hall who was not screaming and shouting in appreciation for the fighters. Not necessarily for one of the fighters, but simply for the hearty battle they were engaged in. The judges scored the bout 29-28 to Delaney, but I really couldn’t separate the two and had it a draw.


It’s worth mentioning that every other fight which took place had the audience screaming and shouting for their respective boxer to win. The atmosphere took over so much that you couldn’t hear the bell sound, and when it did sound you would have hoped it could of gone on a little longer as each boxer was loving their time in those four ropes. Hats off to everybody who had the guts to take part, and thank you for such a great evening. I look forward to attending the next one.


In the friendship of sport – Merry Christmas!

Full photo credits to Bradley Chippington






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