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So this week we are covering one of my favourite topics, how to make a woman orgasm but this week I am giving you 3 new tips I bet you haven’t heard of before!!!

Also do you worry about what your penis looks like? Whether it’s attractive to women? Well you needn’t worry read on to find out what women really think!!

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Some sex advice you’ll find on the Internet refers to the clitoris as a “nub,” or a “button.” But here’s what most men don’t know, that tiny bump above her vagina is just the tip of the iceberg. The clitoris actually stretches backwards into her body and branches into a wishbone shape that wraps around the front and sides of her vagina. In total, it’s about 4 inches long.

Luckily for you, that means there are lots of ways to stimulate the most sensitive part of her body.

Read on for three surprising ways to make her moan and for step-by-step instructions on how to bring her to orgasm. They’re techniques that will help you become the best lover she’s ever had.

Stroke her shaft
Lots of men home in on the glans clitoris like a bullseye. But the area just above her glans is an even hotter spot for many women. The shaft of her clitoris lies so close beneath the skin there that you can actually feel it, it feels like a small cord. Once you find it, use your index and middle finger to rub circles or back-and-forth motions be gentle it is so sensitive being rough on a woman’s clitoris is not how we like things done or better still use your tongue.

Meet her mons
First, an introduction, the triangle-shaped area where her public hair grows is called the mons pubis, or mons for short. When you press here, you can stimulate the internal parts of her clitoris. Use the heel of your hand to push into the mons while you use your fingers to play with her glans. During intercourse, pressing on the mons can help send her over the edge.

Take the back way
Deep pressure on the front wall of her vagina may stimulate the ultra-sensitive inner roots of her clitoris, which lie on the other side of her vaginal wall. In fact, this may be why hitting her G-spot feels so good. Once she’s wet, insert a finger or two into her vagina and slowly massage the front wall. You can also aim for this sweet spot during intercourse with positions like woman-on-top or rear entry.


A lot of women explore their own body and not exactly what and how they like it. But I bet most women don’t even know about the above tricks, so maybe you could teach her a thing or two about her own body.


As part of the study, scientists asked female participants to rank which factors they considered most important in an attractive penis.

Turns out women don’t love any particular penis trait. They rated overall genital appearance as the most important factor, followed by pubic hair.

Super precise characteristics like penile length, look of the scrotum, and position and shape of the meatus rounded out the least important qualities.

Women perceive a wide variation of penis appearances as normal or good-looking.

Nothing mind-blowing, but here’s the nice thing about the results, while you might feel self-conscious about a schlong that comes up short or balls that hang a little low, women don’t focus on any one area when they judge your willy they look at the total package.

So you just need to freshen up. You always look your best after a haircut, right? Researchers from Indiana University found that 75 percent of women say they would like their guy to trim down below.

Sprucing up your penis can also make you feel more attractive, boosting your confidence both in and out of the sack, the study says.

So I expect all Daily Sport readers to have a little trim ready for the weekend!!!

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