Top 5 Britain TV series 2024 we are waiting for the most


Even if there are so many cutting-edge technologies and innovative entertainment, British TV still remains to be highly popular. So if you are also one of the fans, then exploring the most popular TV series on British television will be interesting. And on this page you will find the top 5 series you should see in 2024. Even if you prefer to play roulette online, check this list to find the best alternatives to this popular game. Especially since this year promises an exciting lineup of TV shows that will be available soon.

NO. 1 London Shadows

“London Shadows” is the NO.1 on this list since this crime thriller will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Set against the backdrop of the bustling streets of London, its storyline intertwines all what the real crime thriller fans like. Mystery, suspense, touch of the supernatural – this mix won’t leave you indifferent from the first seconds.

So prepare yourself for the rollercoaster of emotions, the great work of talented actors, the intricate web of secrets lurking, and the unpredictable final. This British TV series is poised to be a standout in 2024.

NO. 2 Highcliffe Manor

For those who prefer period dramas and intricate storytelling, 2024 has also prepared a great present. The “Highcliff Manor” series will offer an unforgettable journey into the real lives of the aristocracy in the early 20th century so that you can feel the real atmosphere of that period. The series is visually stunning, with an amazing set of lavish sets and impeccable costumes. Interestingly, “Highcliff Manor” is not a new series since, due to the information from Wikipedia, it was starred in 1979.

NO. 3 Northern Lights

“Northern Lights” invites you to explore the charm and challenges of typical life in a picturesque town in the North. This is one most heartwarming and relatable dramas of the last few years, so you should not miss it in 2024. From the first minutes, you can follow diverse groups of characters and all their daily life ups and downs. Along that way, you will also see lots of unexpected connections.

“Northern Lights” is a fantastic mix of humour, strong emotions (not always positive), and authentic storytelling. This series will certainly refresh the TV landscape in 2024 so you can enjoy your free time at home even more.

NO. 4 Tech Titans

“Tech Titans’ ‘ is the best series to explore in 2024 if you are a fan of the realm of futuristic dramas. The centre stage crosses technology, power, and morality in its subject. Interestingly, even if this is a futuristic drama, all the action occurs in a not-too-distant future. At the same time, you will see the ethical dilemmas a group of tech pioneers faces.

So, if you want to explore the cutting-edge technologies and pitfalls of the tech-driven world, “Tech Titans” is your must-watch.

NO. 5 Gentleman Jack

“Gentleman Jack” is a great historical drama that will take you back to the 19th century, and the most important is that it is based on the real-life diaries of Anne Lister. Set against the backdrop of Yorkshire, England, the TV series unveils the remarkable life of this charismatic woman.

You will see not only how Anna navigates her way through a conservative society as an openly lesbian individual but also realistic costumes and lavish sets. From the first seconds, you will

delve into the complexities of love, betrayal, and societal expectations of that bygone era. Due to the diaries of Anne Lister reveal much about contemporary life in West Yorkshire, so this series can be a great guide for those who want to learn more about that beautiful place and how life was like those days.


As you can see, the year 2024 has prepared a lot of great new British TV series for you. This year, you can expect a variety of genres and themes so that even the most demanding series fan will find the best option for a pleasant pastime.

Crime thrillers, historical dramas, heartwarming stories and futuristic research – all these series are already on British TV!


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