Spare a thought for others in these challenging times…


Are the CORONA VIRUS pandemic continues to GRIP the world your DAILY SPORT talks to one of the many people who as been directly affected by the DEADLY VIRUS. Our NEWS DESK speaks exclusively to SERIAL SHOPLIFTER “Big Davey” a man who has 1976 previous convictions and was until last week and all the panic aiming for hitting 2000 by APRIL 2020 and getting into the Guiness Book of Records, but since PANIC BUYING has his the UK and the shops shelves are bear as the man himself put it “I’m F**ked”

BIG DAVEY told DAILY SPORT “First the QUEEN marked Sainsbury’s card over self-service checkouts last year, adding “I’ve got nothing against her as I’m a proud ROYALIST.”

“But these selfish bastards PANIC BUYING have got no consideration for others, they’ve taken my livelyhood away overnight.” a bit tongue in cheek he added “Even the old bill weren’t able to do that.”

He ended the interview by say “This GAME is F**KED now.”

DAILY SPORT says – We urge the BRITISH public not to be SHELVE-ISH at this diffuclt time and think of those less fortunate than you.

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