Bookie SHOCKS nation with odds on new VARIANT name


An online BOOKIE who is based outside of the UK and currently not licensed to ply their trade to BRITISH punters ahs SHOCKED authorities at both Public Health England and the Gambling Commission by offering odds on the name of the next VIRUS strain.

A spokesman for bookmaker MUSTAFABET who’s advertising TAGLINE is “Bet the strain reap the gain” speaking EXCLUSIVELY to Daily Sport said “First we had the Brazilian then the South African, the Kent and now the Indian, so we thought let our punters BET on the next one.”

So far the BARNSLEY VARIANT is odds on at 6/4 with local council leaders and community groups up in arms over the SLUR on the town with one saying “We’re the safest place on gods earth.”

With more odds going LIVE as we went to print is seems punters are SHUNNING any political variant with Tory Variant at 150/1, New Labour Variant at 250/1 and The Liberal Variant rank outsiders at 500/1.

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Daily Sport as always are bemused by people trying to make a QUICK BUCK out of the pandemic and urge our loyal readers to steer well clear of such websites.


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