BUM flashing & NAKED wheelbarrow riding sees 5 people in court for breaking social distancing rules


The magistrates court was the scene earlier today for 5 BRUMMIES accused of running a much and flashing their ARSES in the city centre last Thursday evening [September 24] the first night of the 10pm CURFEW.

2 of them are alleged to have then stripped NAKED and done a WHEELBARROW race through the pedestrian district.

All 5 who have not been named for legal reasons are now set to be referred for PSYCIATRIC reports after all pleading NOT GUILTY to breaking COVID rules.

The lawyers LEVY & FRANK told Daily Sport “Our clients are 1000% innocent of all charges and will fight the case,” the spokesman added “We have a retire POLICE CHIEF, a doctor, 2 school teachers and an UNDERTAKER how more respectable can you get?”

The case has been adjourned until March 2021 so watch this space to follow the imminent TRIAL.