CYBER MONDAY Peloton SCAM leaves fitness fanatic F**KED

A sophisticated online SCAM which purported to offer the latest craze in home fitness PELOTON for 90% off sent unwitting customers out rusty homemade F**KING machines.

The machines which look like they were coupled together in a SCRAP YARD were rusty and dangerous and certainly not a fitness machine or exercise bike, in fact they weren’t even fit for purpose as a F**KING machine either.

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Trading standards have since closed down the SCAMMERS website and after RAIDING a Widness scrap yard have confiscated 200 of the SNIDE exercise machines which were ready for dispatch.

One Sport Reader Crispin from Kensington in POSH West London told Daily Sport “I ordered one for me and my good lady and was GUTTED when this contraption arrived.”

Another punter actually seemed please with their purchase posting on social media “Wasn’t keen on this when it arrived by the wife F**KING loves it. – 5 STARS”

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